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LoRaWAN enabled power monitoring sensor. Works in 3-phase 4-wire systems. Can measure up to 4 single phase circuits. High precision monitoring (B class) 

  • Effortless retro-fit installation without power downtime
  • Reads data every 10 ms and portrays it in AdvanGrid cloud visualisation system with a 5 second resolution
  • Transfers data over public or private LoRaWan
  • Possibility to measure humidity and temperature inside the cabinet
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • CE certified
  • Direct raw data available locally for IoT integrators and energy monitoring platform providers

See the datasheet


AdvanGrid visualisation platform

Get online insights on the energy consumption of your machines up to a component level. Immediately see what your savings potential is. Detect standby power or human factors in your production process. Use energy performance data as input for investment decisions.  

  • Management level overview to visualise the financial cost of current electrical infrastructure and fiscal impact that can be gained through infrastructure improvements
  • Charts for virtual energy management, consumer comparison and infrastructure monitoring
  • Pre-defined report generation for ISO50001 framework
  • Raw data export for indepth analysis and seamless integration with 3rd party software
  • Infrastructure supervision through built in warning system, linked to your phone and email
  • Unlimited data storage in cloud
  • Always up-to date and available from any device with an internet connection