Become a leading player in energy industry with AdvanGrid

AdvanGrid Partner Program allows you to expand your business by cross-selling and upselling additional solutions to existing customers as well as to attract new clients by developing new solutions.

Cost effective investment
Low commercional risk
ROI of 3 months

Partner Business goals

There are many different ways our partners earn using our solutions, the most popular sources of income are listed below. Tell us about your business and we'll recommend the best model, based on existing business cases!



Why your customers will love it

  • Saving on energy consumption and related costs upwards of 30%
  • Zero downtime "plug-and-play" installation without interruption of running processes or production
  • Straight forward insight into performance of separate consumers within the organization
  • Real-time warnings on any irregularities delivered to phone and e-mail
  • Automatically generated graphs and reports, on electricity consumption dynamics
  • Heatmaps allowing to clearly review energy consumption patterns and detect irregularities
  • No additional software installation or future updates required



3 steps to start

AdvanGrid provides everything you need to start and operate your energy monitoring business. We will be happy to support you in planning and implemention of your individually tailored solution.



Step 1
- Get to know us
- Understand the solution
- See the potential
Step 2
- Sign the partner agreement
- Receive marketing materials
- Get trained
Step 3
- Receive demo kit
- Get access to the platform
- Help your clients become better

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